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The Lewis & Clark Songster: The Greatest Hits of 1803

Anacreontic Society - Words-Robert Tomlinson, Esq.;
Music-Anacreontic Society, England, 1780

Barb'ra Allen - England and Scotland, 1600's

Hail! Columbia - Words-Joseph Hopkinson, U.S.; 1798; Music-Philip Phile, U.S., 1780's

Jefferson and Liberty - Words-Robert Treat Paine, Jr., US, 1801; Music-Ireland

The Lass of Richmond Hill - Words-Leonard McNally;
Music-James Hook, England, 1790’s

A Masonís Daughter - US, 1779

Our God, Our Help in Ages Past - Words-Isaac Watts, England, 1719;
Music-Mear, England, 1720 and St. Anne, Attr. William Croft, England, 1708

The Rose Tree - Words-John O’Keeffee; Music-William Shield, England, 1783

Then Say My Sweet Girl Can You Love Me? - James Hook, England, 1793

The Tipler's Defense - England, 1700’s

A Journey Scientific:  A Favorite New Song to Celebrate
the Glorious Expedition of Captains Lewis & Clark

Original Words-Mary Green Vickrey; Music-Yankee Doodle

© 2004 Mary Green Vickrey  All Rights Reserved