Horizon Unbounded CD

Horizon Unbounded

1. Lord, Help Me Get Home

Mary Green Vickrey (BMI)
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I left Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 'bout an hour ago.
I must have missed the forecast on my car radio,
'Cause now I'm on the highway in a whirlwind of snow.
I can barely see.
Why did I keep on shopping until a quarter of five?
Now I'm counting on my snow tires and my car's four-wheel drive
To keep me on the highway and to keep me alive
Lord, help me get home.

When the weather changes quickly here, they ought'a warn ya.
I wonder if I still could move to California,
Some warmer place where there's no threat of winter squall.
I'd even l'arn a Texas drawl.

I'm staring straight ahead so hard, I can't even blink.
If I swerve into the median, I know I will sink.
I'm weavin' back and forth, but I've had nothin' to drink.
I can barely see.
I'm creeping down the Interstate with all the dang luck.
Now I'm caught up in the whiteout from the wheels of a truck.
I rolled the window down; now I think that it stuck.
Lord, help me get home.

Repeat Chorus

I'm leaning out the window 'cause my windshield is froze.
My face is numbing quickly; I can't feel my nose.
The snow is blowing in; now it covers my toes.
I can barely see.
The road has disappeared under a white camouflage.
What I thought was highway turned into a mirage.
I'm in the ditch; my shovel is back in my garage.
I'll never make it home

Lord, help me get home.

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