Horizon Unbounded CD

Horizon Unbounded

2. Horizon Unbounded

Mary Green Vickrey (BMI)
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Defiant branches slap my face;
I duck and stumble on the broken brick.
Exhaust from stagnant traffic clogs the air.
Where neighbors who refuse to meet gulp down their gourmet coffee,
Snatch a morning paper from a stand.
When I smile, “Good mornin’,”
They all look through me as if I were not there.

Horizon unbounded, field in stubble row.
A distant home I never understood.
Urban anonymity, searching for serenity.
Dakota plains, I’m comin’ home for good.

My shoes with blackened polish catch the bluish glow of humming office lights.
A briefcase charged with power in my hand.
Ideals of corporate intrigue, involving paper millions,
Outward signs that I’m a great success.
Vacation never taken, sleeping children growing, not the life I planned.

Repeat Chorus

Subleasing my apartment, all my trendy art and furniture for sale.
The business suits I never hope to see.
Financial deals and gourmet meals, important wealthy clients,
The road has disappeared under a white camouflage.
Once attractive, now have no allure.
A westward road to open sky
Where honest-hearted people wait for me.

Repeat Chorus

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