Horizon Unbounded CD

Horizon Unbounded

5. Four Blocks on Main Street

Mary Green Vickrey (BMI)
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Seed caps nodding over coffee,
“Sure could use some steady rain.”
The Johnsons own the bar and grill.
Their son I dated minds the till.

A town with four blocks on Main Street,
Enclosed by rows of corn.
The only home my grandpa could imagine.
Bound to the town where I was born.

Business at the County Courthouse.
4-H ribbons at the Fair.
Summer’s eve at eight o’clock.
Couples strolling ‘round the block.

Repeat Chorus

The doctor’s son came back from med school.
The football star is selling Fords.
Trading gossip with a friend,
Like we did when we were ten.

Repeat Chorus

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