Horizon Unbounded CD

Horizon Unbounded

6. River Called the Red

Mary Green Vickrey (BMI)
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As the plains rise to the border, where northern winds bring winterís dread,
In a glacier flattened valley, there runs a river called the Red.
In the spring of Ď97, its banks held record piles of snow.
The Red unleashed its mass destruction in a raging northward flow.

Human dikes and engineering may try to stop a riverís flow.
With a mighty force, a river goes anywhere it wants to go.
Sudden night evacuation. No time to stop or question why.
The dike is breached! The town is flooding! You must leave or you may die.

Flaming blocks of burning buildings reflected in the rising flood.
Firemen wade through frigid waters and know that nothing can be done.
A hundred thousand now have scattered, each forced to leave all that they own.
A town that ghostly stands so empty. Boats can go where cars once drove.

Sifting through the family treasures, mud encased, beyond repair.
Years of work piled by the gutter in other towns would cause despair.
People of this northern valley have known disasters by the score.
Deadly droughts and blinding blizzards. But no one died, whatís one flood more?

Refugees will pull up tent stakes. Businesses will sell again.
Farmers will turn fertile soil by the river called the Red.

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