Horizon Unbounded CD

Horizon Unbounded

8. Independently Broke

Mary Green Vickrey (BMI)
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Rich people sure make money and make it easily.
They have a special instinct that has eluded me.
Iíve always made investments in what were lousy schemes,
Like my franchise in Alaska of all the drive-in Dairy Queens.

I did not intend to go out and overspend.
Debt has gotten out of hand with all those easy payment plans.
My balance sheet wonít balance. My financial ship wonít float.
Iím not independently wealthy. Iím independently broke.

In any soaring market, I buy but never sell.
Iím good at liquidating when the market goes to..Well,
My business just has losses. It never has success.
Thatís why I face an audit each year before the I.R.S.

Repeat Chorus

To guarantee your fortune, donít follow in my steps.
Just look at my decisions, then do the opposite.
Now Mastercard and VISA donít call me while I eat.
My road is filled with potholes. I missed the turn for Easy Street.

Repeat Chorus

My balance sheet is just a joke. Iím independently broke.

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