Horizon Unbounded CD

Horizon Unbounded

12. Flowers Get Raindrops

Mary Green Vickrey (BMI)
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Jesus once taught us while up on a mount
That we are important and really do count.
“Just look at the lilies, how brightly they bloom.
Breathe deeply and smell their perfume.”

Flowers get raindrops and birds find their seed.
God always gives us whatever we need.
Blooms on the hillside and birds in the air
Remind us that God loves and cares.

Sparrows awaken and twitter at dawn,
Then swoop down from branches before they glide on.
Without planning harvest, they always are fed.
The earth give to them daily bread.

Repeat Chorus

Why do we fret over where life will lead,
When God will forgive us for every misdeed?
We can’t know for sure what tomorrow will bring.
Today has so many good things.

Repeat Chorus

Remind us that God loves and cares.

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