Horizon Unbounded CD

Horizon Unbounded

Buyer Comments

"You have a beautiful voice with a fantastic range." Peggy, Vermillion SD

"I love your Chocolate and Lord, Help Me Get Home and your humor throughout. Two thumbs up!" Nancy, Vermillion SD

"Your CD is a fun recording. We listened to it during dinner and Doug put down the technology section of the paper to read the lyrics of each song. That is a real compliment as he doesn't do that easily." Sue, Minneapolis MN

"What a beautiful voice you have! I've really enjoyed your CD." Chris, Vermillion SD

"Your songs are truly delightful! They are powerful, as well. I find myself experiencing a wide range of emotions as I listen to them." Thelma, Dover TN

"What a delight! Driving through the fog made your first song my prayer. 'I can barely see' described it well. I especialy liked Baby Bright New Eyes. Very touching. And Daddies Just Aren't Daddies in the Middle of the Night was funny and honest. Altogether a wonderful CD." John, Rapid City SD

"On a scale of 1 to 10, if Chocolate is a 10 in our lives - then Mary's CD is a 10+!!! Enjoyed the music and the words. Great fun and great therapy - Disc should be in every psychoanalyist waiting room." Frank, Bradenton FL

"I particulary liked Steeple on the Prairie and Flowers Get Raindrops - But Daddies Just Aren't Daddies in the Middle of the Night is darling-" Jackie, Grand Forks ND

"I love your singing and music. My favorite singer was Reba McIntyre, but now it's you. I was caught in the first snow storm last November. It wasn't funny at the time but after I heard your song Lord, Help Me Get Home, I just laughed and laughed." Pat, Wynot NE

"We like your CD a lot. Especially get a kick out of Lord, Help Me Get Home...been there...Laura, LeMars IA

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