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June 1, 2006

Debute in Nashville, TN on May 11

Mary made her debute in Nashville on Thursday, May 11 at the Mamapalooza Event at Douglas Corner Cafe. Mamapalooza was a series of concerts in thirty cities across America to celebrate musicians, artist, poets, comics, dancers, and filmakers who are mothers. The event was presented by Family Circle magazine.

Mary was one of fifteen mom/singer/songwriters who took the stage in Nashville. Since most of the audience were mothers, she chose Daddies Just Aren't Daddies in the Middle of the Night and Chocolate for her two songs. Mary received terrific audience response and laughter to her patter and songs. It was a great experience! For more information about Mamapalooza, check the website at

Jana Stanfield at NSAI Sioux Falls Songwriting 2nd Anniversary Workshop

In the fall of 2003, my husband Barry took a sabbatical from teaching that allowed us to spend several months in Nashville. Fired up by the creative songwriting community there, I returned to South Dakota and started a Sioux Falls chapter of Nashville Songwriters Association International.

On May 13, 2006, we celebrated our second anniversary with a workshop by Nashville singer/songwriter Jana Stanfield. Jana has written A Musicians Guide to Making and Selling Your Own CDs and Cassettes. She covered the topics, Getting a Song to Sell a CD, Marketing Strategies at Your Gig, Individualized Sellling Strategy for Each Writer with CDs, Comments for Writers who did not have CDs, and Songwriting Tips. With birthday cake, we had a great celebration to begin our third year. As workshop coordinator, I am enjoying teaching songwriting skills and developing a great group of songwriting friends.

Interpreter under National Humanities Grant for Midwest

In 2004 and 2005, I performed as a Lewis & Clark interpreter under a National Humanities Grant for Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska. My venues were libraries, museums, and festivals in small towns close to the Missouri River. It was great fun to discover the interest in the Corps of Discovery throughout the area. Fortunately, I was able to cover midwestern distances much faster than Lewis & Clark!

Thanks to my family, friends, and fans for your encouragement and support.

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Interview: Sioux Falls SD

Interview: Sioux City IA

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NSAI Sioux Falls Songwriting Workshop